Become an Alpha-Male, Attract Women, Overcome Approach Anxiety, and Get a Young Girlfriend

I’ve decided to blog anonymously for the following reasons:

  • I made a pledge to myself to be completely genuine and totally honest.  If I published under my real name, I’d feel compelled to hold back or shine things up. (Reading about my cring-worthy epic failures is pretty entertaining!)
  • Professionally, I deal with some very large corporations – and they don’t need to know my personal business.
  • If my present girlfriend knew that I’d initially gamed her with a seduction strategy.. well, it wouldn’t be great.
  • I have an older brother who would bust my balls mercilessly if he found out I was running this blog. (Family gatherings are weird enough – I don’t need the additional aggravation)

I won’t bore you with the details of my story.  You know- trials, suffering, epiphany, triumph; suffice it to say, I’ve been through some rough stuff.

Loss, grief,  sickness, debt. Rejection, betrayal, insecurity. I understand the despair of loneliness.

Now, like one of JigSaw’s graduates from SAW, I’ve learned my lessons.  I’m not fabulously wealthy, I’m not  a “guru”, but I HAVE made astounding improvements in every area of my life.

I’d like to share my insights and methods with you.

This blog will focus on practical, effective, field tested strategies and techniques to: attract women, over-come approach anxiety, become an alpha male, and get a younger girlfriend.  (Mine’s around half my age, and she’s a knock-out.)
I’m writing for my fellow MEN.  Not kids, or “players” or emo-fags.

We now join the game, already in progress.

Be Excellent,

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