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Are You Abnormal Because You Like Younger Women?

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**This post, and all others concerning  “older men & younger women” deal with consenting adults of legal age.  Nobody wants Chris Hansen knocking on their door  

Welcome to the age of Sensitivity.  Diversity.  Tolerance. “Odd” couples are now commonplace… Its perfectly acceptable for two people to find and express their love if  they come from different races, worship different gods, speak different languages, come from different cultures.  Skinnies and Fatties?  Awwww, that’s sweet.  NBA players and midgets? Whatever floats your boat.  Got a homosexual life-partner?  Bring ‘em to the party!  It’s all good!

But there’s still a taboo surrounding inter-generational romances. Bring a younger date to a polite social and you’ll see the veneer of enlightened smiles turn into scowls of reproach.

You might get criticized by total strangers, family and even friends.  So be it.  Life is short – I refuse to be bullied by other peoples hang-ups.

I’ve been friends with “Dawn” for years. We don’t keep any secrets and have been there for each other  through some major events. Some time ago, we were having a glass of wine and catching up after a few months.

I was rather surprised at her reaction when I told her about my new & improved  dating life.  She was doing her best not to let me see her  disapproval, but it was obvious.  “Wow,” she said.  “I mean, you’re dating girls young enough to be your daughter….”  I sat quietly and offered no defense.  After a moment, she added reflectively,  “Then again, I was out of the house at 17, living with a 42 year old guy….”

I like younger women. Most men do. Its not Politically Correct statement,  bu it IS  reality.  Its a hardwired into our genetic code. (This is why  “teen” cheerleader/schoolgirl /babysitter porn is wildly popular, and “grannie porn” is a small, weird sub-niche fetish.)

  • According to evidence discovered by researchers at Stanford and the University of California-Santa Barbara, the preference of older men for  younger women contributes to human longevity and the survival of our species
  • Martin Fieder (University of Vienna) & Susanne Huber (University of Veterinary Medicine, also in Vienna, Austria), have determined that a 15 year age gap may be optimal for couples raising multiple children.

In and of itself, a taste for younger women doesn’t indicate a psychological problems.    Conversely there is  a statistical percentage of chicks that have a “daddy” thing going on.  It doesn’t even have to be an “Electra Complex” or any kind of complex, it might just be  that girl’s inclination.   Again,  it isn’t necessarily a flag for  pathology.

So relax.  Liking younger women is perfectly normal.
That said, its important to keep the following in mind:

  • You’ve got to be realistic.   A fat, broke,  50 year old guy with a comb-over and low social status is NOT going to score a smoking hot 21 year old coed.  You’d you want to play  you’d better bring something to the table.
  • There may be a more limited pool of candidates for you to choose from.
  • Let your action speak louder than your words.  Don’t talk about your desires for hot young girls – get yourself together,  be classy- and actually date some.
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